Motor Controller Schematic

Motor Controller Schematic

Marine Project Testing

Biomechanical Horse Hoof


DAQ & SCADA Systems


RBC builds both hardware and software for data acquisition (DAQ) and supervisory control systems (SCADA), including experience with high sample rates with variety of sensors with analog signals (+/-10V, 4-20mA) and digital signals (RS-232, RS-485, TCP/IP, MODBUS, NMEA 0183 / 2000). For specialized sensors, the manufacturer’s SDK can be used to interface with any software library in order to monitor instrumentation and provide feedback to controlling hardware.


Design Environment Scripting / Development with API


Many software packages have scripting languages integrated within the design environment, such as Perl, Python, VBA, or a documented proprietary scripting language, allowing for the automation of repetitive design tasks. In other cases, some software packages have a documented API to allow for integration with other software packages in a process workflow. RBC has experience with both design environment scripting and the development of customized applications using APIs.