Biomechanical Horse Hoof

Marine Project Testing

Motor Controller Schematic

Motor Controller Schematic



DAQ & SCADA Systems   RBC builds both hardware and software for data acquisition (DAQ) and supervisory control systems (SCADA), including experience with high sample rates with variety of sensors with analog signals (+/-10V, 4-20mA) and digital signals (RS-232, RS-485, … Continue reading


RBC has over 15 years of CAD experience with a number of 3D parametric modeling software packages. RBC uses SolidWorks in-house, with Certified SolidWorks Professionals (CSWP) on-staff. The RBC staff has experience with CATIA V5, Pro\E, SolidEdge, and Alibre Design. … Continue reading


RBC has extensive experience with computing across multiple platforms including Windows, Unix, Linux and multiple architectures and chipsets.     Visual Applications   GUI Development for a variety of applications, including compiled code (.NET, Delphi), web applications, and control interfaces … Continue reading


Mechanical   Engineering of mechanical systems including hydraulics, pumps, motors, gear boxes, bearings, heat exchangers, burners, power systems, conveyors, robotics, motion systems, mold design, and custom fixturing for materials testing.  Mechanical Engineering is performed per relevant ASME (BPVC) and ASTM … Continue reading