Biomechanical Horse Hoof

Motor Controller Schematic

Motor Controller Schematic

Marine Project Testing


RBC has extensive experience with computing across multiple platforms including Windows, Unix, Linux and multiple architectures and chipsets.


Visual Applications


GUI Development for a variety of applications, including compiled code (.NET, Delphi), web applications, and control interfaces with LabView.


Scientific Programming


Languages including C / C++, Fortran 77 / 90 / 95, and Matlab. Compilers including MS, GNU, PGI, and IBM. Applications with the linear algebra library LAPACK, and creating Matlab executable files (MEX).


Scripting & Databasing


Scipting in Perl, Python, LISP, and VBA. Databasing with MS Access and SQL.


Specialty Applications


Parallel computing with MPICH, Grapics processor computing with GPGPU.