Marine Project Testing

Biomechanical Horse Hoof

Motor Controller Schematic

Motor Controller Schematic




Engineering of mechanical systems including hydraulics, pumps, motors, gear boxes, bearings, heat exchangers, burners, power systems, conveyors, robotics, motion systems, mold design, and custom fixturing for materials testing.  Mechanical Engineering is performed per relevant ASME (BPVC) and ASTM standards.




Engineering of purpose-built structures, including steel and aluminum frames, strongbacks, railings, with welded & bolted connections. Analysis capabilities include FE software for truss and beam members, shell elements, and solids. Structural Engineering is performed per relevant AISC, RCSC, and AWS standards.


Ocean / Maritime


Engineering of both mechanical systems and structures for the marine environment, including tubular frames, marine grade materials selection, cathodic protection, coatings, and selection of seals and gaskets. Ocean Engineering is performed per relevant API, DNV and NACE standards.